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Loan Reporting Software


Robust, Configurable, and Customizable Loan Reporting!


The Mortgage+Care system contains a comprehensive set of reports and reporting tools for loan and borrower related data points such as aging, collateral, insurance tracking, etc… in addition to reports related to the funding side or investor side of loan portfolio management, including automated payments out via check or ACH/EFT, accruals, trust accounting, end of year tax reporting - 1099/T5/K-1, etc.. making Mortgage+Care a truly complete solution.





Pipeline Report
Deposit Slip
Payments Due Report
Payment Journal Report
Check Queue Report
Borrower/Loan Account Listing Report
Borrower/Loan Account Status Report
Borrower Ledger Report
Borrower Balance Report
Payment History Report
Outstanding Balance Report
Loan Balance Report
Yield Report (for both standard loans and loans bought at a discount)
Ledger Card Report
Mailing Labels Report
Aging Report
Late Payment Report
Borrower 1098 Report
Request For Demand Report
Incremental Funding Report, Open Funding
Incremental Funding Report, Interest Due
Incremental Funding Report, New Fundings
Incremental Funding Report, Interest Due
HELOC Interest Due
Investor Amortization
Investor Assessments
Investor Listing Report
Investor Payment History Report
Investor Portfolio Report
Investor Share Report
Investor 1099 Report
Investor Balance Report
Mailing Labels Report
Investor/Lender/Member Statement
Investment Breakdown Report
Daily Cash Report
Bank Account Reconciliation Report
Fees Collected
CA DRE 881 Report
CA DRE 852 Report
CA DRE 856 Report
General Ledger Report
Tickler/Reminder Report
Bank Portfolio Report
Review Entries Report
Vendor Listing Report
Vendor Transactions
Escrowed Accounts Report


First Payment Letter
Lender/Investor/Pool Member Deposit Letter
Incremental Funding Statement
HELOC Statement
Coupon Book
Late Payment Letter 1
Late Payment Letter 2
Late Payment Letter 3
Request For Demand
Balloon Notice
Initial Escrow Analysis Disclosure Statement Report
Annual Escrow Analysis Disclosure Statement Report


In addition to these standard/built in reports and letters Mortgage+Care allows for custom reporting creating an endless amount of reporting flexibility.




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