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All Features

Loan Origination

Loan Application, Manual input or Auto Import from Web Application

Credit Pull with Auto Data Import

Doc Prep, Unlimited Doc Sets for Both Disclosures and Closing Packages
Conditions, Tracking and Reporting
Loan Decisioning
Loan Processing
Workflow and Task Management, Configurable by Individuals or Groups
Notes and Call Log, with Special Private Notes for your Investors

Document Storage


Loan Servicing

Borrower Payment Statements, Coupon Books, Automatic Debit

Trust Accounting, Subsidiary Ledgers for all of your Borrowers, Lenders & Vendor Contacts
ACH Electronic Payments
Web Portals, Real time Web Reporting for both your Borrowers and Lenders/Investors
Interest Calculations
Investors & Pools, Either Directly Assign Loan by Loan or Capital Based Pools
Funds Control
Reporting, More below...
Electronic Document Storage
Check Writing, MICR Checks
Collateral Management
Insurance Tracking, Monitor Policies and Send Letters with Expired
Notes and Call Log, both Standard and Special Investor Only Notes
Late Fees, Flat Fee or Based on Percentage of Amount Due
Servicing Fees, Flat Fee or by Percentage/Points
Incremental Funding
HELOC & Line of Credit
Step Rate
Sub Servicing
Receipts & Deposit Slips
1098, 1099's, Electronic Filing Supported


Trust Accounting

Subsidiary Ledgers for all Borrower, Lender, and Vendor Contacts
Daily Cash Report for Trust Account (Control Report)
Bank Reconciliation for Trust Account
Broker Fees Collected Report
DRE 881 Report with Breakdown Details
DRE 852 Report with Breakdown Details
Tickler Reports for Loan Maturities, Insurance Expirations and Loan Rate Adjustments
Loan Yield Reports
Total Portfolio Report

Audit Trial


Escrow Impounds

Escrow Administration
RESPA Compliant
Initial Escrow Analysis Disclosure Statement
Annual Escrow Analysis Disclosure Statement
Account History and Projection
Letters/Reports to Borrower



Print Payment Journal Report
Print Pre-Check Run Report
Print and Review Investor Checks
MICR Checks
Adjustments to Checks Register
Print Direct Deposit Letters to Investors
ACH, Generate NACHA Reports and Automatically Send and Receive Electronic Payments


Borrower Reports

Account Status with Distribution, Amortization, Investor Listing or Investor Vesting Reports for Single or Multi Investor Loans
Borrower Payment History
Outstanding Borrowers Balance Report
Loan Balance Report
Borrower Ledger Card
First Payment Letter
Payment Coupons Printer in Various Formats
Mailing Labels
Delinquency Report
Delinquency Letters with 3 levels of Severity
Year-end 1098, Print Reports, Forms and Create Magnetic Media
Request for Payoff Demand
Balloon Notice Letter
Incremental Funding Report and Borrower Monthly Statements


Investor Reports

Investors Payment History
Portfolio Reports of Loan Participation
Year-end 1099-Int, Print Reports, Forms and Create Magnetic Media
Mailing Labels
Investor Statements, a combination of Payment History and Loan Portfolio



Install and run system locally or run via Cloud/SaaS/ASP
SQL Database, Sybase Advantage Database, an SAP Technology
Cross Platform Application, PC & Mac platforms are supported

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