Consulting Plus Inc., Creators of Mortgage+Care, Completes Acquisition of LoanMaster Software


June 20, 2013 - SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, Calif. -- Consulting Plus Inc., creators of the Mortgage+Care LOS and Loan Servicing Software platform, today completed the acquisition of LoanMaster Loan Servicing Software.

“There’s a lot of synergy between these two companies. And thanks to this deal, the LoanMaster product will continue to live on.”, expressed Cadmus McCall, retiring President & CEO of Bottom Line Software.

All LoanMaster sales and support activity will immediately transition to the Mortgage+Care group which has over 30 years of experience in the lending and loan servicing software industry.

Handover of management responsibilities will occur immediately. Support resources and personnel from the former LoanMaster organization will be made available to the new team for a two year period in order to facilitate transfer of product knowledge and expertise.

“We are eager to start working with this new system and its end users”, said Kim Lopez, a Mortgage+Care Support Manager. She continued, “This will be the fourth lending system that I personally have been exposed to and every time I learn a great deal about the over-all lending and loan servicing process. All lending systems do things in a slightly different way and exposure to these different methodologies is one of the things that makes our team so good at what they do.”

By continuing their annual support subscription, current LoanMaster end users may continue using the system uninterrupted. Customers with expired support subscriptions will be given a 90-day window to renew their support plans with no penalty or back payments due.

“LoanMaster will continue to be sold and supported. In fact the amount of resources that will be applied to the system will increase quite a bit under this agreement.” assured Jeff Tremaine, CPI Sales Manager. “We will be adding several enhancements to the system in addition to a new website, a review of the support docs, etc.”, he continued.

About Consulting Plus Inc:

Consulting Plus Inc., makers of Mortgage+Care, is a privately held company based in San Juan Capistrano, CA. Since 1983, Consulting Plus has provided lenders and loan servicers with high-quality mortgage software solutions for managing their loan portfolios. Mortgage+Care products are used by a growing number of lending organizations all around the world. For more information, visit

About LoanMaster:

LoanMaster has been in use by small lenders since 1982. It was designed and developed by bankers who know what lenders need and want in a loan software product. It was specifically designed for small lenders and provides all the functionality a small lender needs with none of the expensive, complicated features required by large lenders. For more information, visit


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